The ‘bugs’ are local..

This is an assumption that I guess many have made..

I received the notification that Windows 10 was ready for me to download, so I assumed all the bugs had been worked out. 

Microsoft do the best to eradicate bugs, and in the case of Windows 10 had multiple builds slowly building up to  a more or less finished product, as finished as it ever could be on July 29th of this year. So, that was the score and Microsoft started to pipe Windows 10 out as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

Now, had all users left their computers as Microsoft had intended, and not subjected them to essentially third party crap that promises the earth and delivers a grain or less, virtually all computers would have upgraded without issue.

Life is not like that, and we all have our favourite utility which has protected us since Windows 95. The trouble is that Windows 95 was TWENTY years ago.

It won’t roll back..

This is almost certainly happening because your favourite old utility was run and it successfully removed files needed for the rollback to Windows 7 or 8. And this is the fault of Microsoft? I don’t think so.. 🙂

The printer worked in Windows 7..

.. because drivers written specifically to run in Windows 7 were installed at the time. Now you have Windows 10, and the drivers may not be compatible. The printer manufacturer is the only one that can fix this problem. Again, not the fault of Microsoft.. 🙂

There is always a bit of work to do when upgrading an operating system. Many of the problems are NOT bugs in the OS, and can be worked out quite easily in most cases. For others, I will admit that the whole game can be very frustrating indeed.

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