Progress? No, not progress..


Many iPad and tablet owners will never know what an Amiga 500 was, but they play games that look suspiciously similar to this most famous of old gaming platforms. The big difference with the Amiga is that it couldn’t do all that iPads can because the facilities like Netflix were not available..

The only progress here has been screen resolution and more ways to extract cash from users than Commodore could ever have realised was possible..

The Cloud..

It has been around for a long time but was not always called the ‘CLOUD’. The more knowledgeable Hotmail and Yahoo mail users would have known it as ‘mandatory’ remote storage.

Strangely, the majority didn’t know that if their email ID was breached, it was done at the remote storage end, not on the users computer. Mind you, it made for great stories of being hacked by a family member or a next door neighbour.

If you are an UBER account user, you may find a charge for a journey from the Three Gorges Dam to Beijing Central, but don’t worry. It’s only a hacker messing about with you life at the UBER end.. 🙂 You are perfectly safe and will not need to learn Mandarin Chinese.

I can only think that cloud supporters are not old enough to remember on-line email accounts getting hacked and the grief that it could and did cause.

‘Bad’ software..

So you thought that your diesel powered VW was as clean as Hydrogen power, did you? Plain scamming is what this is, just like the software that tells you there are 4367 virus’ on your computer and that if you pay $50 or more, they can be removed.

Next time you get into your Jeep, will the brakes still work on demand? With so much being connected to the Internet these days, it will become ever more difficult to predict what will happen, but I think where public safety is a concern, the object should NOT be connected, no matter what it is.


Forward or onward movement, as toward a destination: as in ‘We made little progress on our way home because of the traffic.’

We are NOT moving forwards, but we are moving towards a destination. Progress by definition is NOT a GOOD or BAD thing. It is only a vague measure of distance..

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