If you are into home and auto DIY, you may well have painted surfaces at some time, or at least tried to make something look a little better but quickly.. 🙂

One thing you don’t need me to tell you is that whatever quality of paint you use, applying it to a poor surface NEVER works out well.

Such is the world of computer operating system upgrades..

It doesn’t matter how good Windows 10 is. If you apply it to an underlying operating systems which has system file flaws (and many do), it will not work that well and may not work at all.

How can you tell? If you have constant niggles with the way a system runs, jittery mouse, more than one double-click to get something started, updates not working, malware popups, browser issues.. Running optimizers only ever makes things worse.. Trust me.. 🙂

If you apply Windows 10 to aging hardware, it will struggle, especially where the hard drive is on its last legs. Upgraders complain that Windows 10 FRIED their computers, but Windows 10 can’t fry anything. The hardware is already pretty much done in. I have seen this quite a lot over the years. Task Manager is useful here because it tells you which part of the hardware is using the most resources. If the hard drive is almost at 100%, its as good as done.. 🙂

Note that the hard drive LED on most machines covers ALL activity, not just the hard drive..

Before upgrading..

A newer machine is a better candidate but not always. Sometimes, the OEMs rush machines out just to have something to sell, and they don’t care if they will upgrade to the next OS or not. They did it between XP and Vista, and then again between Windows 7 and Windows 8. Their main priority is sales.. ALWAYS.. 🙂

Hardware driver support.. You check this at the computer or device manufacturer websites. If there is little or no support beyond Windows Vista or early Windows 7, don’t hold your breath. This especially applies to the likes of external hardware as in webcams and printers/scanners..

Just because Windows says that it will run doesn’t mean that everything will or as well as it used to run. Windows takes the word RUN in its most basic sense. This is why it is important to check for driver support for ALL of your devices.

Upgrading is a lot less problematic than it used to be. In the past, I have ALWAYS clean installed, having no time for upgrades at all. Now, admittedly, the Windows 10 upgrade was free, but I had a lot less hesitation this time around and it paid off. I have four machines that run great, even the little Tosh in the corner.. 🙂

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