My new Start menu..

.. is once again courtesy of Stardock, this time Start10. It cost me $6.95 Cdn, but it is easier to deal with than Classic Shell, and I don’t mind paying out for it.

My computer is the ONLY one running a 3rd party start menu because none of the other users need the flexibility that I do on this machine.

‘Tosh in the corner’ is still running the Windows 10 menu even though I am the only user. This is because I have nothing personal against the Windows 10 start menu. It is far better than the Windows 8/8.1 variant, and generally works quite well unless one has to access a plethora of different stuff over the day. The Tosh is never worked that hard and couldn’t even if called upon to do so.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My new Start menu..

  1. You mention flexibility and then use Start10 over Classic Shell? Seriously? Classic Shell is the best one out there.

    1. Classic Shell has the most features undoubtedly, but I want the flexibility of a classic menu structure, and not necessarily a start menu that has many functions I would never use.. 🙂

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