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Sounds good doesn’t it. I felt the same way a few years ago, and set about using Frontpage 2003 to create it. What I produced was a Frontpage 2003 website, not surprisingly, but among the cognoscenti, that is all it was. Frontpage websites have a ‘look’ about them.

It was all I had, and being totally HTML ignorant, I made do with it.

First mistake.. No real planning..

I have no idea how to plan something like this, not being anything close to a graphic designer or project manager. I fix stuff when it’s broke is all. So, I just set about creating pages, not paying much attention to the names of the pages or major headings.

After having done a few pages, I then found out that stuff doesn’t look the same in every browser, so had to find out how to make the relevant changes. I also had a problem selecting a background that I wanted to see as my corporate image and text which could be read easily without glaring out at the reader.

One change after another led to utter confusion on my part, and I was fast understanding that readers of my website wouldn’t know if it was still mine, partly under construction, or what!!

Eventually, and with a change of website editor, I managed to straighten out many of the problems, but I never really got beyond changing themes.

Second Mistake.. Nothing to sell..

All I really had was information, some of it historical. I wanted to produce a non-technical help site of sorts, but had nothing that would keep bringing people back.

Third mistake. Thinking that Internet surfers would automatically find me..

It never occurred to me at first that nobody really knew who I was, so quite why I thought that people would or could look me up baffles me now, looking back at those early days.

Again, I have no skills in the area of marketing, so when it came to a domain name, I didn’t know what to use, and picked a really dumb name that seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn’t until I got the site hosted that I realised I had made a major mistake. I did change it eventually along with a change of host, but by that time, the damage was done..

My website still exists but nobody goes there. It sits forlornly in a corner, and I am thinking about sinking it completely..

And the point is?

On TV, there are ads running for Go-Daddy and Wix. They make it look simple, and some aspects are if you know what you are doing, but before you decide to go with either, PLAN.

Ask yourself some serious questions like ‘does anybody care what I think or have to say’. If the honest answer is ‘NO’, and it probably will be, don’t go ahead with a website..

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