A clean install..

The Toshiba netbook has received a clean install of Windows 10. Having nothing better to do and a small issue with the Maps app, I set about creating USB media using the Media Creation Tool, and that completed without incident.

Next, I booted from the USB drive and followed onscreen instructions. Some two hours later, I have a working netbook and Map app. It doesn’t get any better but it could get worse if I find something that previously worked but no longer does. So far, that has not happened.

Windows Live Mail is up and running, as is Libre Office 5.02, the printer is ready to go, and Lan Messenger is connecting well. Apart from one or two other utilities, that is as much as I put on the little Toshiba.

Overall, I would count the operation as a success. However, as nutty as it sounds, I was hoping for an error or two, any that I have seen in the MS Community that would give me the chance to solve and better help some of the souls in the Windows 10 forum, but try as I might, all of my computers run really well on Windows 10 and without issues for the most part.. Sorry guys and gals but that is just the way it is..


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