A minor issue after the clean install..

I installed Classic Shell within minutes of finishing the re-install, but it wasn’t until a fair bit later that I found IE11 and Edge unable to display the ‘Run, Save, Cancel’ dialogue at the base of the screen. So, I installed Firefox from an already downloaded file, and because it displays downloads differently, managed to get all that I wanted. Not happy about it really, I uninstalled Classic Shell using Revo Uninstaller to get rid of all vestiges, then set about re-installing. All has been well since.

Does the Tosh run any better? Well, the Maps app certainly does, but I wouldn’t like to say categorically that the whole machine has benefitted. It’s very hard to tell on a machine which crawls at the best of times. I only ran the re-install to see if I would get the same problems as people in the MS Community report. I really didn’t care if Maps was working or not.

Anyway, it’s done and all working.. 🙂

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