Update Tuesday and other stuff..

All four computers updated without issue as expected. Not too much more that I can say on this subject, is there. 🙂

Other stuff..

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

All of the help sites on this topic are years old, and one of them talks about the ‘poor souls’ using older versions of IE. The news is that I am using the LATEST version, and it is still doing it. Fortunately, it doesn’t do it every day.

Video drivers..

Every now and again, there is an error reported that the graphics driver has encountered a problem. Can any of you remember a time when this DIDN’T happen?

One would have thought that the video driver people could have got it right by 2015. They haven’t, but fortunately it is not an issue where you lose what you are doing at the time.. like the IE one  above where you do lose stuff.. 🙁

Free Windows..

There are still some who are saying that Windows 10 will be subject to a subscription after the ‘free’ period ends next year. Doubting Thomas’s is what they are, unable to trust anybody or anything, especially big business.

Bearing in mind that most instances of Windows were supplied as OEM on major manufacturer computers, Microsoft didn’t make anything like as much as one might imagine. Microsoft Office beats it hands down as a revenue producer.

So, Microsoft give away Windows 10 for free, but only for a year, and are hoping to make something through the Windows Store stuff. Is that so difficult to understand? When sporting a tin foil hat, lots of things are difficult to understand, I guess..


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