Windows Start Menu ads..

You can see this feature off when it appears on your computer. At the moment, I think that it only appears in build 10565, so you are safe for now. How to turn the ads off is explained here.

Personally, I hate ads, fliers, all of the crap that is distributed in a bid to make me buy. I will research stuff and buy when I want to buy and NOT BEFORE. No amount of coercing will get me to buy anything that I don’t want or didn’t know that I didn’t want.

I like to see what I am buying too, in the flesh, plastic, whatever it is made from. Photos on a website or in a flier fail to cut it for me. I knew people back in the UK who used to buy from the mail-order catalogues, and it always seemed to me that they all spent more time sending stuff back than they did buying the product. I suspect that quality, which doesn’t show on paper, was a major issue at that time.

It still is. I have bought stuff on the Internet because local stores fail to stock stuff, and some of it definitely looked better on screen than it does in real life.

I am tired of ads that pop up when I move my mouse, that slow web pages to a crawl, that still appear months after I did my initial searches. Enough already..


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