Just a phone OS..

This is an argument frequently used by people not wanting the changes that Windows 10 brings. These same people probably had or would have had the same problems with ever-changing name conventions over the years.

I have Windows 10 and would be in serious trouble if the title was true as I neither have a smartphone or touch-screen computer of any kind. If you are wondering how I have managed since the beginning of the Windows 8/10 era, I did it by adding a third party start menu and using the older and more classic versions of programs and applications.

It really was and is that easy.

Microsoft Windows has always included simple stuff like Write and Paint, but there was always the option to run third party stuff, WordPerfect for example, at one time the definitive word processor. I am not sure why newbies to Windows feel obliged to use the supplied apps. It’s not like one has to pay up for quality third party stuff like we used to do. There are some very creditable open source Office suites out there, paint programs, all kinds of stuff which still run just like older stuff did.

The one area where it does come across as a phone OS is the contents of the Windows Store. I have never thought much of anything in there, and where there is a classic version still, that is what I use. So far, the only store item I have kept is Wunderlist (on the Toshiba). Having said that, I have seen many a happy smartphone user tapping away in Candy Crush or yet another version of Bejewelled, so it suits some greatly, and good luck to them..

In the meantime, boys and girls, quit with the ‘its only for phones’ or ‘should have bought a Mac’. Install Classic Shell, use some of the programs that you have always used (a lot still work) , and leave Mac owners to believe that they are the ‘chosen ones’. They wouldn’t have it any other way.. 🙂


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