Testing my patience..

It’s a Toshiba NB305, Windows 7 Starter, upgraded 1 to 2Gb RAM, a fan which is allowing the base to get quite hot, and a hard drive which has seen better days.

Guess how you get to the fan in a Toshiba NB305? The same way as you get to the fan in almost every Toshiba. You have to pretty much strip the ENTIRE machine down, the fan being the very last component which can be removed. Criminal design is what it is..

Anyway, it changed hands recently and the previous owner kindly re-installed Windows with the new users name in situ.

To get Windows 7 to present day, there are hundreds of updates. The goal is to get Windows 10 onto it, after which I can swap out the hard drive and use the downloadable Windows 10 to clean install onto it. So far, I am probably around 150 updates away from that stage.

Last night, the recovery media I made from Windows 7 Starter seemed to install ok onto the new drive, but Windows Update and other services did not start and resisted any attempt to make them start. So, back in with the old drive which at least still has the ability to update. Incidentally, the services showed as having started, but they were just fooling. I hate Windows 7.. 🙁

It’s installing update 96 of 202 as I type this. It will never make it to 202 because that it too many updates in one session, but I am letting it make hay while it rains outside. There will be others after the 202nd.

I will get there if it kills me, because this Netbook was a gift to my grand-daughter Kylee from a friend of hers, and I don’t want to let her down..


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