Do you need Windows 10?

Probably not at the moment you don’t, no real pressing argument other than Windows 10 is free until next July.

Ed Bott argues the case for Windows 7 in areas where upgrading is not one machine but may run to thousands, and where critical processes are not likely to change any time soon. I don’t disagree with what he says.

However, for the public it is different. The public is fickle and subject to want to change at a minutes notice, and many like the latest and greatest if only for the bragging rights.

Developers of fun stuff will be busy helping to attract users to the latest and greatest, Windows 10, which is on PCs, tablets and phones.

As a Microsoft  MVP, I don’t know that I am expected to help support the latest and greatest, leaving older operating systems behind, but I don’t want to be left behind either, wading around in the basement looking for somebody to help. I would need three computers to do that anyway and I don’t have the funds or the space to accommodate more than one platform anymore.

I have told some of my local clients that they may lose some stuff they like to do or play if they upgrade to Windows 10, advising them to stay put with what they have.  I get disconsolate looks from some as I explain that what they do is ‘old hat’ and not able to run o Windows 10, but if that is the way it has to be ………….


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