A minor issue after the clean install..

I installed Classic Shell within minutes of finishing the re-install, but it wasn’t until a fair bit later that I found IE11 and Edge unable to display the ‘Run, Save, Cancel’ dialogue at the base of the screen. So, I installed Firefox from an already downloaded file, and because it displays downloads differently, managed to get all that I wanted. Not happy about it really, I uninstalled Classic Shell using Revo Uninstaller to get rid of all vestiges, then set about re-installing. All has been well since. Does the Tosh run any better? Well, the Maps app certainly does, but I wouldn’t like … Continue reading A minor issue after the clean install..

A clean install..

The Toshiba netbook has received a clean install of Windows 10. Having nothing better to do and a small issue with the Maps app, I set about creating USB media using the Media Creation Tool, and that completed without incident. Next, I booted from the USB drive and followed onscreen instructions. Some two hours later, I have a working netbook and Map app. It doesn’t get any better but it could get worse if I find something that previously worked but no longer does. So far, that has not happened. Windows Live Mail is up and running, as is Libre Office 5.02, the printer … Continue reading A clean install..

32-bit.. there is nothing wrong with it..

“and if Microsoft knows that this new OS performs better on a 64 bit, they should not have promoted the 32 bit or at lease tell everyone if you do not have modern processors, expect poor performance…” I have quoted from a post in the MS Community, but I will not disclose the original author because he is wrong.. OK.. Question.. My Toshiba Netbook is fitted with a 64-bit compatible CPU, so why don’t I run Windows 10 in 64-bit form? Answer.. The Toshiba Netbook’s motherboard had total RAM limitations of 2Gb which is NOT ENOUGH to maintain a 64-bit … Continue reading 32-bit.. there is nothing wrong with it..

Favourites for Edge..

When Edge first appeared in beta, IE 11 favourites would not import as a matter of course, and this is what I was telling people who asked. Times change and favourites can easily be imported manually by going into Edge’s settings, the three dots, and ‘import favourites from another browser’.. It’s that easy.. 🙂

It worked in Windows 7..

.. so why doesn’t it work in Windows 10? The reference could be for any device, internal or external. The consensus among some is that Microsoft is in cahoots with computer manufacturers where the ‘game’ is to make the consumer pay up for new stuff when there is actually no need. I came across one user who honestly believed that Microsoft should put Windows 7 drivers into Windows 10 because they worked in Windows 7. He seems to completely miss the point that it was a ‘Windows 7 driver’ specifically written to enable the hardware device to work in Windows … Continue reading It worked in Windows 7..