When Windows 10.. (Updated)

won’t do anything, it must be quite annoying. Read the next part slowly.. “I installed Windows 10 on my laptop and desktop. 4 days ago my laptop crashed and won’t even turn on because of an error with Windows 10 and today my desktop stopped working. It won’t open anything associated with Windows 10 nor will it connect to the internet! I am furious! Both my computers are down and useless because of this update and I can’t pay hundreds of dollars for someone to fix it! Plus it’s finals time! I need this fixed today! Can anyone help me????” … Continue reading When Windows 10.. (Updated)

Windows 10 is taking liberties..

.. by uninstalling some utilities, maybe programs too, on the basis of incompatibility, when in actual fact there doesn’t appear to be ANY problem with compatibility. Speccy, a useful ‘what’s in the box’ utility, was removed from my computer, but I put it back. AMD Catalyst Control Center was claimed to be a casualty but I have a version running on my computer still. CPU-Z and CPUID were also claimed to be casualties, but I don’t have either anyway so can’t say for sure. None of the above are even close to catastrophic, but it shows a mean streak in Microsoft … Continue reading Windows 10 is taking liberties..

A complete Windows 10 re-install.. (Updated)

.. and all because of some really stubborn malware picked up yesterday. I am pretty good at removing it 99.99% of the time, but this one stumped me. So, looking to do a clean install for a while, I bit the bullet and backed up the most important data that I would need to re-construct the system, and here I am again.. 🙂 The install went well and passed by fairly quickly, but I have been left with one or two operational issues that I didn’t really have before. Issue #1.. IE11 and Outlook now behave like Edge was doing, that … Continue reading A complete Windows 10 re-install.. (Updated)

Windows hardware drivers..

Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you, ****? In the 1511 update, the one that Microsoft pulled recently, the dialogue box is slightly different if you want to stop hardware drivers being installed via Windows Update.. Note that I have opted for the route that is NOT recommended, and have had to do this since the update because the update defaults this setting to the one recommended by Microsoft. C’mon you guys. You must know by now that hardware updates have never been one of Windows Update’s strengths. Quit it before you lose out BIG time.. 🙂

Microsoft Edge 0 – Internet Explorer 1.. Final score

Guess who is back using Internet Explorer 11? Yep.. me. I have had enough of Edge appearing in a variety of different sizes every time that I start this PC up or come out of sleep/hibernation. Firefox was given an outing BUT it only shows the name of the website in the current tab. All of the others appear blank. Very strange. So, the old stager wins again despite claims from many that it is crap. I have never thought it was, and until somebody can give me solid proof that it is and that the others are better, I … Continue reading Microsoft Edge 0 – Internet Explorer 1.. Final score

The downloadable 1511 update (10586) has been PULLED..

There is not enough thought these days before rushing in like accidents looking for somewhere to happen. From now, you will no longer be able to download the Windows Media Creation Tool which includes the ‘version 1511’ 10586 update. What you will get is the 10240 RTM release, the original Windows 10 that was released to the public. You also lose the chance to activate using a valid Windows 7 or 8 key code. Ed Bott talks about it here.. Included in the text are explanations from Microsoft as to why the version 1511 10586 was pulled. My comment has been made … Continue reading The downloadable 1511 update (10586) has been PULLED..

Edge will not stay put.. other stuff doesn’t either..

I use the ‘move’ and ‘size’ on Edge and it pretty much ignores me and does as it likes. It’s actually the only annoyance I have with Edge presently. Will it ever get fixed? I would have more faith if the next issue had ever been fixed, BUT IT HASN’T.. 🙂 See the nice Windows 95 desktop view? See how the icons align neatly down the LEFT side? Well, I have icons just like those, neatly aligned down the LEFT side. It is where they always aligned, and not just in Windows 95. OK, so where are the functions kept in … Continue reading Edge will not stay put.. other stuff doesn’t either..

And now for something completely different..

Not the best photos ever, but what you see is my smartphone. It is a 2012 Samsung Galaxy Ace II, the lowest form of Samsung smartphone life available in Canada at the time, running Android 4.04. I have inherited it and am learning something about Android. It is dressed in a cheap shockproof housing, has a new Samsung battery, it will get a screen protector soon (eBay permitting) and it is unlocked from its former Koodo shackles. It has cost me around $60 all told to ‘make it mine’, over half going towards unlocking. What about Android? The version on … Continue reading And now for something completely different..

A 1511 problem..

.. and this is it. Can you see the deliberate mistake? A clue: I am online and don’t have a Wi-Fi adapter in the computer. Question(s): When is Microsoft going to fix it and should I buy a Mac in the meantime? It’s as well that my world has many shades of grey. It has saved me shelling out on a Mac many times over.. 🙂