FixWin for Windows 10

I haven’t used this utility because I don’t have any problems. Having said that, there are a good few of you who do, and looking through forums and/or describing your problem such that it is understandable is not always easy.

Enter FixWin. It isn’t exactly new, having been around in the Windows 7 era, but this version does have specific Windows 10 stuff included in it.

Would I trust it? Yes, probably. I doubt that it can do any more harm than some fixes I have seen offered to the poor old consumers.. 🙂

The secret with the FixWin website is to avoid the advertised crap, just getting the FixWin utility itself.. Here’s how. Look for and click on the button that you see below. It is about half way down the FixWin website..

fixwin button

Any other buttons may well take you to ‘optimizers’, and we all know what I think of them, don’t we.. 🙂

Bear in mind that you will already have problems if you are about to run FixWin, so don’t blame me for anything. 🙂

Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t install. Once downloaded, you click on the exe file to extract all of it and then put the resultant icon wherever you like..

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