OneDrive not free or cheap?

When SkyDrive first appeared, I was offered 5Gb of storage FREE. Not too long after, I was offered 25Gb storage free if I signed up. So I signed up and now I have 25gb of cloud storage that I am unlikely to ever use even if it is/was free.

Then, like a bolt from the blue, and apparently late one evening..

“The year-old promise of “unlimited storage” for every Office 365 Personal, Home, and University subscriber is null and void.”

The above deserves an ‘OUCH’ from those who like clouds and those who have to use them because they only have the equivalent of a small flash drive on their equipment of choice. I doubt that some owners of cheap tablets fully understood the concept of cloud storage, but they only had to look at local ads for storage lockers to realise that they may not be free..

Anyway, I may lose my 25Gb of free storage because somebody at Microsoft worked out that the company could lose $$$$$ because of a few mis-types.. :-).

I don’t mind because cloud storage sucks and the people running it always were going to have to charge for it, Microsoft or IBM or any of the others. I have three hard drives in my PC, spare storage space on three other PCs, and three external hard drives. As long as I can buy hard drives, I still won’t care about cloud storage, and will certainly NOT be paying for it. I can’t afford to pay for it..

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