Problems, problems, problems..

.. no, not challenges. These are problems created by others and beyond any control by me other than IGNORING them.

Problem #1.. no 1511 update..

I don’t have it, have not been offered it, and don’t want to re-install Windows 10 just to get it. Will I be offered it eventually? You think that I should know that? Nobody tells me anything.

There are instances where you will definitely not get it unless you make changes, see the Ghacks newsletter. Needless to say, I don’t fall into any of the three categories. 🙂

Problem #2.. A phone unlocker utility doesn’t work..

I couldn’t get it to install initially, but got there in the end. But wait a sec please.. not all programs which appear to run in Windows 10 (or any versions) still have all functions working. The utility wants to see Windows 7 or XP really, and wouldn’t even install properly on Windows 7 at first.

So, I have paid for a utility which is obviously quite old, and which may no longer be supported for a variety of reasons. I am trying to negotiate with the vendor of the utility so can’t give much away at this point, but I wouldn’t like to say that it is looking good and in my favour. Software issues are difficult to prove anyway. I am not the type to make false claims in order to get something free but the vendor doesn’t know that.

Suffice to say that I have taken the phone in to a professional phone business and it is essentially costing me as much again plus some to get the job completed.

Problem #3.. Microsoft browsers in general..

When I go into YouTube using Edge, to delete a ‘recommended’ group involves having to sign into YouTube first. Why? Internet Explorer 11 (or Firefox) doesn’t do that.

I don’t use Edge because it doesn’t always do what is expected, not compatible with everything. I am still using IE11 and am ambivalent to Edge and other browsers presently. I only use them if IE starts to play up. 🙂

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