Collateral damage? ..

A quote from a source I will not name..

“Windows 10 is an UNMITIGATED failure

To start with – why force updates on us – when they fail – we are stuck for example the latest update 1511 build 10586.  non-compatible with my system – stuck at 36 % for several hours – will have to roll back – but will Windows allow me to run an out of date OS, without continually trying to force me to update ?

Then there’s the security/snooping aspects – don’t get me started

I will NOT be upgrading my perfect Win 7 Pro desktop to Win 10 !!!”


Apart from the ‘snooping’ part, the writer is right, really. It’s all very well pushing Windows 10, and I don’t disagree with the policy entirely, but to do it through Windows Update is not a good idea, and will leave a bad taste in the mouths of more than a few..

I have an aging HP desktop which is refusing to download Windows 10 updates of ANY kind. The 1511 update is in the list to come down, but will it? Only time will tell. More to come on the HP saga.. 🙂


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