Edge will not stay put.. other stuff doesn’t either..

I use the ‘move’ and ‘size’ on Edge and it pretty much ignores me and does as it likes. It’s actually the only annoyance I have with Edge presently. Will it ever get fixed? I would have more faith if the next issue had ever been fixed, BUT IT HASN’T.. 🙂

See the niceWindows_95_at_first_run Windows 95 desktop view? See how the icons align neatly down the LEFT side? Well, I have icons just like those, neatly aligned down the LEFT side.

It is where they always aligned, and not just in Windows 95.

OK, so where are the functions kept in all applications and programs? That was an easy one, eh. ALONG THE TOP. Status bars live at the base of the screen.

So, my Windows loomy screenks like this.  I am going to place the Start bar at the base for a while because having it at the top sends other stuff into spasm, with some programs starting with the controls underneath the Start bar, which equals ‘totally inaccessible’.

I wish that Microsoft could fix these kinds of issues, I really do.. 🙁

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