Windows 10 is taking liberties..

.. by uninstalling some utilities, maybe programs too, on the basis of incompatibility, when in actual fact there doesn’t appear to be ANY problem with compatibility.

Speccy, a useful ‘what’s in the box’ utility, was removed from my computer, but I put it back.

AMD Catalyst Control Center was claimed to be a casualty but I have a version running on my computer still.

CPU-Z and CPUID were also claimed to be casualties, but I don’t have either anyway so can’t say for sure.

None of the above are even close to catastrophic, but it shows a mean streak in Microsoft that they will do this and say nothing.

Does the new 1511 (10586) version presently available do the same as the original? I don’t know that either because I am working with a fresh, clean install, but the size of the new 1511 update is smaller than the original, so something has changed. Will we get to know what has changed? Probably not.

We should be glad that we have got it back, I guess.. cough cough.. 🙂

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