When Windows 10.. (Updated)

won’t do anything, it must be quite annoying. Read the next part slowly..

“I installed Windows 10 on my laptop and desktop. 4 days ago my laptop crashed and won’t even turn on because of an error with Windows 10 and today my desktop stopped working. It won’t open anything associated with Windows 10 nor will it connect to the internet! I am furious! Both my computers are down and useless because of this update and I can’t pay hundreds of dollars for someone to fix it! Plus it’s finals time! I need this fixed today! Can anyone help me????”

Can you think of anything that would work for the user that could be delivered before day’s end?

A lot of us, including Microsoft, know that most users do not have recovery DVD sets or system image backups. So why does installing Windows 10 take out any chance of using the computers original recovery partition? In the case above, the 30 day rollback doesn’t apply because the user can’t get far enough into Windows to use it.

Recovery DVD sets are available from computer manufacturers apparently, but they are not going to be delivered very quickly, especially assuming that it will take time on the computer manufacturer website to find out how to get them, which dep’t, how much ete etc.

I can understand some users being thoroughly upset by Windows 10, and some have my sympathy too.

So now, somebody, maybe me, is going to have to think of a way for the user to get out of his/her predicament in a timely manner, ensuring that every word is what the user wants to hear. Yes, I hear some of you coughing already.. 🙂

The Update:

The person with the problem still has it. Help was offered in the form of running SFC and DISM, but that came to nothing.  At this point, any help offered is like rubbing salt into the wound.

It would be easy to blame Windows 10 entirely, but we do not know the true state of the computers BEFORE they were upgraded. If they were messed up by use of ‘optimizers’ and other ‘one click’ fixes before being upgraded, I am not surprised that they both went west. It’s not looking good.

Both computers need the drives removing and setting up as slaves on a working computer such that important stuff can be recovered BEFORE anything else is done to them, but does the person have that facility to hand? I wouldn’t like to trust it to anybody else, too much chance of stuff being missed..


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