Twenty four hours later..

.. and no thanks due to the Logitech Forum whatsoever, I managed to work out the issues I had with pairing the unifying receiver and Setpoint. Initially and because I had the same mouse as in the kit, I paired my old mouse with the receiver. It worked like a charm but for one small issue. The mouse in the kit had already been paired, so my system was showing TWO M705 mice. The only way I could find to rectify it was the concept of pairing the original mouse with its original receiver. The process completed but did not … Continue reading Twenty four hours later..

New and old..

If you read my last post, you will know that I have just bought a keyboard which is probably going to be discontinued by the manufacturer in the not so distant future. The keyboard in the MK710 set is VERY basic. There isn’t a feature on it which does NOT appear on the Logitech Access keyboard of thirteen years ago. The most basic drivers would keep this keyboard running, and that is a good thing. My computer case is a Coolermaster CM690 II with the extra purchase of the USB3.0 header top panel. I don’t have USB3.0 because my present motherboard … Continue reading New and old..

My new keyboard..

It is a Logitech desktop set MK710, and I bought it from my local Staples store for $70 incl. tax. In the box: A nice Mk710 keyboard, soft and quiet keys, mimimum of crap around the perimeter (basic controls). Batteries are pre-installed. An  M705 mouse which will be a spare as I already have one. Batteries for the mouse are included separately. A Unifying wireless adapter, and a USB extension cable to allow for better siting of the wireless transceiver. I have been supplying my own from the outset of wireless anything, and it is a nice touch by Logitech … Continue reading My new keyboard..

A totally unbiased view?

I haven’t changed anything in the text, not punctuation, not spelling, not the format. This is EXACTLY as I first read it..   “windows 10 is dead..!!! the only one who doesn’t know yet is microsoft the people who already try windows 10 are walking away from that and those who are smart enough to go read some unbiased reviews they won’t even try to install windows 10..!! the price of windows 7 OEM had increased since windows 10 was released because nobody want to install an operating system for a mobile device to a computer desktop especially the gamers … Continue reading A totally unbiased view?

Windows 10 issues.. Resolutions

Issue #1 I found settings which finally stop some info appearing on the lock screen, but they are all over the place (feels like it anyway). Look in System and Personalization for anything where Windows 10 displays info and KNOCK it out. Then, as stuff doesn’t appear that you actually want, go back into Settings and try to put back only what you want to see. Issue #2 Windows 10 Mail recognises that I have a Brother MFC-J470DW printer, and I know this because it shows up in the print window. Pressing ‘print’ puts a printer icon up in the notification … Continue reading Windows 10 issues.. Resolutions

Wi-Fi in general.. Desktop v Portable/Mobile

Domestic Wi-Fi can connect at slightly over 90 feet, assuming that both ends of the connection can clearly see each other, and that there are no other 2.4Ghz devices around which could cause interference, like wireless keyboards and mice and cheap radio control cars and helicopters. In this way, you could sit on a patio at the back of your yard and keep in touch on your notebook or tablet without too many problems Trouble is that desktop computers don’t have an antenna type good enough to do that because the likelihood of them ever being more than 6 feet away from the wireless … Continue reading Wi-Fi in general.. Desktop v Portable/Mobile

Upgrading to Windows 10..

Microsoft have allowed for free upgrades from Windows 8 and Windows 7, so why not Vista and XP? Windows 7 didn’t become public until 22 October, 2009. Computers on sale in stores after this date were of varying quality, some not too good running Vista with full driver support, let alone Windows 7. Personally, I wouldn’t upgrade a computer of mine unless it was at least a late 2010 release because of patchy to non-existant hardware driver support XP machines are almost in a different galaxy. As good as some were in their day, without full driver support, one has the … Continue reading Upgrading to Windows 10..

Importing into Windows 10 or 8’s Mail..

It’s a trick. You can’t import addresses or Calendar events into the new Mail app. BOO HISS MAILSUCKSBIGTIME. Whoa up. There are two other apps in the Windows 10 arsenal which will work as standalone apps OR in conjunction with the Mail app.. 1.. People, as in the app named ‘People’ This is how you import a contacts list into People.. 2.. Calendar, as in the app named Calendar This is how you import calendar events into Calendar Now that you know as much as I do about the Windows 10 Mail app, you can  use it to your advantage, … Continue reading Importing into Windows 10 or 8’s Mail..

Windows 10 Mail..

OK. I have been playing with the Mail app again because Windows Live Mail 2012 is getting to be long in the tooth and Microsoft doesn’t seem to care whether it works or not. Mail (or WLM previously) isn’t my primary email client. I just use it for email IDs which are NOT Rogers accounts (my ISP) or my MVPS account, these being held in Outlook 2010. So now Windows Live Mail is gone from the two computers which I use, and I will work on the other two when I have more time. It isn’t the end of an era because … Continue reading Windows 10 Mail..

Windows 10 annoyances.. (Updated)

The Mail app.. There appears to be no way to remove an account, and no way to bulk delete email that is no longer relevant. If there is a way to do either, I apologise for not looking more into it. If there is no way to do either, please place developers who know something about the older email clients in charge, because the current bunch appear to be partly clueless.. The Lock Screen.. I like the lock screen but for a couple of issues. Issue #1.. On my desktop, time shows as 24hr, but on the smaller screened Netbook, … Continue reading Windows 10 annoyances.. (Updated)