Wi-Fi in general.. Desktop v Portable/Mobile

Domestic Wi-Fi can connect at slightly over 90 feet, assuming that both ends of the connection can clearly see each other, and that there are no other 2.4Ghz devices around which could cause interference, like wireless keyboards and mice and cheap radio control cars and helicopters. In this way, you could sit on a patio at the back of your yard and keep in touch on your notebook or tablet without too many problems

Trouble is that desktop computers don’t have an antenna type good enough to do that because the likelihood of them ever being more than 6 feet away from the wireless modem/router is almost zero.

Where they are further away, soft furnishings, walls, electrical equipment, metal shelving, re-inforced floors/walls all take their toll, as does the direction of the static PC in relation to the Wi-Fi source. If the antenna is on the blind side of the computer case, and surrounded by other junk, not uncommon in many households, Wi-Fi performance can go through the floor.

You can buy highgain antennas which replace the antenna on the back of the PC, ones like this.. TP-Link TL-ANT2408C.. You can buy similar antennas without the base on Amazon for half the price of the TP-Link example, but by the time that shipping has been added, the TP-Link offering is the better deal.

I have had people tell me that there is nothing wrong with their wireless setup because they checked it with a phone or a friend’s notebook. Too funny. This is the difference between technolgy users and technology fixers. I have to know that internal wireless adapters are a very different animal to the antenna system used in Notebooks, and especially the antennas used by cellphones which can reliably hold a signal at 16 kms. There is a WORLD of difference between the three devices, and if you don’t work with the limitations of each device, they will NOT work at their best.

By the way, a GSM phone on a good day can pick up a signal at 35 kms.

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