Windows 10 issues.. Resolutions

Issue #1

I found settings which finally stop some info appearing on the lock screen, but they are all over the place (feels like it anyway). Look in System and Personalization for anything where Windows 10 displays info and KNOCK it out. Then, as stuff doesn’t appear that you actually want, go back into Settings and try to put back only what you want to see.

Issue #2

Windows 10 Mail recognises that I have a Brother MFC-J470DW printer, and I know this because it shows up in the print window. Pressing ‘print’ puts a printer icon up in the notification area, but puts NOTHING in the print queue. Now you and I know why I get no output when printing from Windows 10 Mail. I suspect that others don’t too.

Everything else that has the ability to print contents does so without problem. The easy solution is to cut and paste out of Mail into WordPad and then print it out. This is a particularly useful fix as it also allows for the text to be resized to something readable.. 🙂

Issue #3

Windows positioning, that is the ability of Windows to remember user-set size and position, has been restored and it is all down to ‘snapping’ settings in Settings > System > Multi-tasking. I turned them all off, and now I can resize and move stuff around to my liking.


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