A totally unbiased view?

I haven’t changed anything in the text, not punctuation, not spelling, not the format. This is EXACTLY as I first read it..


“windows 10 is dead..!!!

the only one who doesn’t know yet is microsoft

the people who already try windows 10 are walking away from that

and those who are smart enough to go read some unbiased reviews

they won’t even try to install windows 10..!!

the price of windows 7 OEM had increased since windows 10 was released

because nobody want to install an operating system for a mobile device to a computer desktop

especially the gamers are avoiding that for obvious reasons.


the Windows 10 Adoption went down instead going up
that goes contradistinction of many fakes news that microsoft
and their partners try to spread around the net
by saying that windows 10 is a big success..!!!



everyone who are going to install windows 10

they won’t stay with it for very long time..!!

because there are soo many reasons to walk away from windows 10

that will take all day long to put all them in here

microsoft had a great opportunity to redeem themselves

after the epic failure with windows 8 and windows 8.1

but microsoft blow that opportunity with windows 10

and now the beginning of the end for microsoft has begun..!!


If this is unbiased as is suggested in the first part, I would love to see some biased reports of Windows 10. The trouble with ‘reports’ on the Internet is that a lot of them are copied from other stuff, more often than not a single document.

So, if one hundered authors all say the same thing, could they be wrong? Well of course they can, especially if the original is as flawed as the one above.

I am not suggesting that Windows 10 is perfect, but it as good as anything that Microsoft has produced. You may not have noticed but since Windows 8, malware has tended to only affect browsers, not the entire system as could and did happen with XP. If a browser gets affected badly, you can just use another browser and everything works well.. until you go to the same place as before for a good dose of malware.. 🙂

It would be wrong to judge Windows 10 from the complaints seen in the Microsoft community forums. All in there would argue that the computers were working absolutely fine, and all are top class systems.

There is no doubt that a computer tailored for Windows 7 will or should run very well with Windows 7 installed, but may not run so well with later operating systems. It all depends upon the support of the hardware manufacturers and in my case, all of my computers were originally Windows 7 and have been generally supported for Windows 8 but not Windows 10. Fortunately, Windows 8.1 drivers work for Windows 10 too and all of my computers are doing well.

I don’t doubt that I would find more than a few issues were I to take a look at some of the computers that give s much grief to their owners when introduced to Windows 10. There would be some that are too old and should stay as they are, some that would need a fresh Windows 7 install, owners that would need to be weaned off the snake oil scammer utilities of old.

Don’t be put off Windows 10 by the negative stuff written about it. Most of it is not true anyway. You want to update to 10 because each new operating system has brought greater security and ease of use. If you want or need the latest programs or utilities like Direct X, you will also need Windows 10..

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