My new keyboard..

It is a Logitech desktop set MK710, and I bought it from my local Staples store for $70 incl. tax.

In the box:

A nice Mk710 keyboard, soft and quiet keys, mimimum of crap around the perimeter (basic controls). Batteries are pre-installed.

An  M705 mouse which will be a spare as I already have one. Batteries for the mouse are included separately.

A Unifying wireless adapter, and a USB extension cable to allow for better siting of the wireless transceiver. I have been supplying my own from the outset of wireless anything, and it is a nice touch by Logitech to address the problem.

A ‘how to insert the batteries’ information sheet’.

What do I think of it?

I had a Microsoft wireless 5000 keyboard aways back and I liked it because it was simple stuff. The same can be said of the MK710. I don’t like keyboards with lots of ‘extra’ keys that stand out like sores because I rarely if ever use them.

Logitech Setpoint allows for the turning OFF of the Scroll Lock and Caps Lock keys. Suffice to say that both have been disdabled by this user.

The M705 mouse is good but will not work on any surface like the Microsoft 5000 mouse does, but that’s ok. I have got used to it over the last six months or so and it is a nice mouse.

The Logitech unifying wireless adapter is a real winner. Not only can you have  a mouse and keyboard  attached to it, but you can connect other Logitech devices to it as well. My PC has more than enough USB ports anyway, eight on the back and five on the front, but if I only had three or four.. 🙂

Lastly, the USB extension cord. Pushing wireless mouse/keyboard adapters into the back of desktops is not a good idea as they get shielded from the devices that they control. Being able to bring the adapter into ‘line of sight’ with the keyboard/mouse is very useful, and I have not had to supply it myself.

Thank you, Logitech, for manufacturing a nice desktop PC control kit, and thnk you Staples for selling it at just over half the normal price.


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