Twenty four hours later..

.. and no thanks due to the Logitech Forum whatsoever, I managed to work out the issues I had with pairing the unifying receiver and Setpoint.

Initially and because I had the same mouse as in the kit, I paired my old mouse with the receiver. It worked like a charm but for one small issue. The mouse in the kit had already been paired, so my system was showing TWO M705 mice.

The only way I could find to rectify it was the concept of pairing the original mouse with its original receiver. The process completed but did not solve the issue. I eventually found out that the secret is in the Unifying software advanced features. It’s called UNPAIR.. SUCCESS.. 🙂

After messing about as above, I could not get the mouse to show up in Setpoint. Revo Uninstaller removed all that was Setpoint, and I re-installed it. After a couple of reboots, the mouse showed up.. SUCCESS.. 🙂

Now all I had to do was to get Setpoint to autostart, which incidentally it did do when originally installed. Looking for the location of the Startup folder lead me to how to manage startup items in Task Manager (which I already knew). I took a look in TM anyway, and guess what? Logitech  Setpoint Event Manager had gotten itself disabled. One click later and SUCCESS.. 🙂

I am getting too good at the ‘success’ thing today. Tomorrow will level out the field no doubt..

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