ISP download speeds..

I pay for and get 100mb downloads when using my desktop machine via Ethernet. My guess is that I should be pleased except for one problem.

If I was using Wi-Fi only, I would be lucky to get 40mb as can be seen when I fire up any of the other machines on the network.

They all run Windows 10 and it would be easy to lay the blame on the new OS, BUT the Toshiba Netbook when running its original Windows 7 Starter is just as bad. All three machines use different Wi-Fi cards, and appear to work well, never dropping the connection.

The nice man at Rogers saya I should be getting between 60 and 70mb via Wi-Fi. The ‘gateway’ is a Hitron CGN3, supplied and customized by Rogers, and it will be exchanged for a new one before 11:00 today.


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