My website came this close to being dumped.. Updated

.. but it has had a short reprieve.

The problem was basically  ‘I can get to it but can’t update it’ , and it came out of the blue. I tried a different FTP client, but that didn’t work. The end was looking to be very close.

After it was suggested that maybe the firewall was to blame, I took a peek at the ‘allowed’ list, and FileZilla wasn’t a part of it. Strangley, SmartFTP, the alternative I tried, was. Anyway, I added FileZilla to the list, and Hey Presto, I updated the website.

Unfortunately, my website is worth very little and certainly not worth the effort I have put into finding out why I couldn’t update it. This blog is a far better medium for me, easy to keep current, short and sharp.

So, why am I not telling you how to ‘arm’ the Firewall? Well, you have to be careful and giving firewall permissions to all and sundry can lead to data breaches.


The Update:

This had to be caused by a Windows 10 Update. I didn’t go into the Windows 10 firewall and remove all traces of FileZilla, but SOMETHING did. Apart from me, Windows 10 Update is the only other entity which makes changes.

This is NOT friendly behaviour on the part of Microsoft, and is NOT the only case where programs are either removed or disabled in some way. This is going to have to stop at some point in the future. Maybe now would be a good time..

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