Windows 10 isn’t a phone OS..

What part of the image looks anything like what you might see if you fired up a cellphone?

The Start menu perhaps, QuickLaunch, MS Word 2010, the notification area?


Why do some persist in calling Windows 10 a phone OS? If anything, my Windows 10 looks a lot more┬álike Vista or Windows 7, and that’s a good thing, right?

No, the Start Menu is NOT the default. It is Start10, but could as easily be Classic Shell. Microsoft Office 2010 predated Windows 8, and actually appeared during the Windows 7 watch. So, between the Start menu and my main application suite, this could be Windows 7 running.

Windows 10 will get improvements and general support where Windows 7 is a spent force, one very good reason for moving forwards assuming that the hardware supports 10.

I don’t agree with everything that Microsoft is doing, but Windows 10 is still the way to go, and weak arguments like “it’s a phone OS” don’t cut it. Move forwards while you have the chance. It’s as good a desktop OS as Microsoft has ever produced, with improvements coming faster than for any Windows OS of the past.

If you feel bad about dumping on your Windows XP or Vista computer, install Linux Mint on it. It will remain current, protected and usable and you get it all for FREE. I am doing this for an old Compaq notebook of 2005/6 vintage. It’s not going to be a speed machine, but it will work and be secure. I’ve even ordered 2 x 512mb RAM modules to up the total from 512 mb to 1Gb, the machine’s maximum. Cost me under $6 on eBay. I just have to hope that tey work. ­čÖé

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