Two little Windows 10 issues..

Issue #1

I was messing with my Toshiba NB250 a while ago, and then left it for a few minutes. When I came back to it, nothing happened, no screen, just a black stare. When I pressed the power button with intent to reboot it, guess what? It had been trying to cope with UPDATES which Microsoft are insisting that I must have, come hell or high water.

I can’t install Windows 8 on it because the screen resolution is not in the range of Windows 8 capabilities, and Windows 7 is a dinosaur. The little Toshiba holds its own with Windows 10, but it is VERY annoying to be locked out of using it for how long???

Issue #2

Blogger blogs will display just fine in Microsoft Edge. BUT, if you want to add a post or make changes of ANY kind to a Blogger blog, you have to use a different browser because, between Blogger and Microsoft, something is seriously screwed up. Will it ever get fixed? Maybe eventually.. 🙁

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