Upgrade? Oh yes, you must upgrade..

Sooner or later, you will have to move to Windows 10 or fall into the chasms known as MacOS and Linux. These two operating systems are every bit as limiting as Windows 10, PLUS some. I am not suggesting that you can’t do a lot on either, but try them out for a while and see for yourself.

The push to upgrade:

Despite fixes like these, Microsoft has already shown that changes and program removals can be made from afar. So, the ‘fixes’ will be fixed by Microsoft in time, and even more users will be threatening to scurry to Apple stores, but the situation is no better there, it is just different.

The situation:

Microsoft doesn’t appear to understand the concept that a computer may be too old, or that the owner of the older computer doesn’t have the funds to replace it with a nice, shiny Windows 10 model.

Life didn’t used to be like this, but we didn’t have then all of the conveniences of today. It’s not a choice that we can make anymore because we sold ourselves out  by buying into the new system.

Good luck.. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Upgrade? Oh yes, you must upgrade..

  1. There’s only one BIG difference with MacOS and Linux – they will not spy on you. You are in control of your data. What you are doing on Your system is Your business not Microsoft’s or anyone else.
    I ditched Windows few months ago and I couldn’t be happier. Yes Linux is different, Yes things are done differently. I recommend everyone to try Linux – go for Linux Mint if you want the Windows-like user interface or try Ubuntu for modern-UI

    1. You go online with any OS and you are wide open. MacOS and Linux track computer program usage as much as anybody, but that is not the danger. It is where you go online that is the danger, what you put out when there. I get sick and tired of the malicious rumours re Microsoft. If you think that anybody is better, you are the one being mislead, not me..

  2. What is success? I had the same thoughts as you earlier this week and realised that in the end I would have to move to Windows 10 on my most-used desktop computer. It’s now done. I’ve been playing catchup since then so have used only my day to day software packages which still work fine. My Seagate NAS drive believes I have a new computer and wants me to re-enter my password. I suppose there will be little niggles along the way and some of the older peripherals will need to be pensioned off – but I regard that like trying to use old tyres on a new car.

  3. Windows 7 works well and will be supported until 2018 at least, so why be pushed into 8.1 which is worse and 10 which ComputerActive Mag was hoping would be the best – before they saw it – and since then have been devoting pages every two weeks to the many, many problems it has caused people. Also there is the Google-like spying on where we go on the web to ‘help us buy stuff’ and the real chance they will ask us to subscribe. Who in their rights minds would upgrade? Unless of course you have not hidden the ceaseless traps that pop-up from the Notification Tray and turned off ‘Recommended Updates’. If you have inadvertently found you have got W10, you are stuck with it unless you go back to your original operating system within the 31st day.

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