Windows 10 and Wi-Fi.. Updated

What I know so far:

Broadcom sucks, as in the adapters fitted to some laptops, the Lenovo G780 for instance,  and Realtek doesn’t suck because all but one of my wireless computers are Realtek and they all work well.

I tried a different internal wireless adapter in the G780 but it wasn’t different enough and is still using Broadcom drivers, and still cutting out after maybe 20 mins use. For now, I have a USB adapter in the side of the laptop, Realtek driven, and it is working flawlessly.

So, I have now ordered an internal Realtek wireless adapter for Lenovos and I am hoping for great things. I could stick with the USB dongle but it is untidy and does not have the coverage of the internal antenna.

Findings with the internal Realtek adapter will follow as soon as I get it, the end of the month or beginning of February, and I will add it to this post.

The Update:

The internal modem sent to me was ostensibly for a Lenovo but it cam up ‘Unauthorised part’ as soon as the machine was powered up. The Wi-Fi card will be returned ASAP.. Nuts.. 🙁


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