Internet Explorer 11..

.. has become very slow to respond to anything over the last few days, and as slow as I can be, IE is worse. I now have Edge running again, and it is way faster at the moment, so all is well until the next round of updates. I used to like Update Tuesdays. At least you could brace yourself for the event. These days, updates sneak up on you.. 🙂

A couple of projects..

Project #1.. a Compaq Presario M2305NR These started to get reviews around December of 2005 which puts the machine firmly in the XP era. Weighing in at 6.5lbs, it was regarded as eminently portable, and it was well built, a real brick. Equipment includes a built-in fax/modem, 24x CD-RW, and WPA2 G wireless capability. That was then, and this is now.. It is all 32-bit and is kitted out with a stunning 512mb RAM and a PATA 60Gb hard drive which is on its way out. I don’t like running XP as it is severely out of date, so I decided to … Continue reading A couple of projects..

OEM support in general..

Windows: Under OEM terms, the computer manufacturer is responsible for supporting the operating system with which the computer is supplied. The OEM gets Windows for a cheap price, as do you, the end user. The actual price paid is that the OEM manufacturer will pass the buck, tell you it is all Microsoft’s fault and to contact them directly, and Microsoft will ask for money. So, you get stuff like this in forums.. I have just spent an hour on the Microsoft chat line but they were no help at all and only wanted to sell me a 99$ support … Continue reading OEM support in general..

Windows 10 isn’t a phone OS..

What part of the image looks anything like what you might see if you fired up a cellphone? The Start menu perhaps, QuickLaunch, MS Word 2010, the notification area? Why do some persist in calling Windows 10 a phone OS? If anything, my Windows 10 looks a lot more like Vista or Windows 7, and that’s a good thing, right? No, the Start Menu is NOT the default. It is Start10, but could as easily be Classic Shell. Microsoft Office 2010 predated Windows 8, and actually appeared during the Windows 7 watch. So, between the Start menu and my main application … Continue reading Windows 10 isn’t a phone OS..

My website came this close to being dumped.. Updated

.. but it has had a short reprieve. The problem was basically  ‘I can get to it but can’t update it’ , and it came out of the blue. I tried a different FTP client, but that didn’t work. The end was looking to be very close. After it was suggested that maybe the firewall was to blame, I took a peek at the ‘allowed’ list, and FileZilla wasn’t a part of it. Strangley, SmartFTP, the alternative I tried, was. Anyway, I added FileZilla to the list, and Hey Presto, I updated the website. Unfortunately, my website is worth very little and certainly … Continue reading My website came this close to being dumped.. Updated

ISP download speeds.. Part 2

So, the Rogers man told me today that I am never going to get good Wi-Fi speeds with 2.4Ghz, that the figures quoted, and they are careful to state ‘upto’, are for Ethernet mainly. What’s more, my router is 5Ghz capable and I should replace all of my old stuff with 5Ghz equipment. I knew that already, but fluctuations to as low as 4mb download aren’t really acceptable. I wonder if Bell still try to sell fast internet packages to users at the very limit of the three and a half mile range of telephone lines. Can you trust anybody?

ISP download speeds..

I pay for and get 100mb downloads when using my desktop machine via Ethernet. My guess is that I should be pleased except for one problem. If I was using Wi-Fi only, I would be lucky to get 40mb as can be seen when I fire up any of the other machines on the network. They all run Windows 10 and it would be easy to lay the blame on the new OS, BUT the Toshiba Netbook when running its original Windows 7 Starter is just as bad. All three machines use different Wi-Fi cards, and appear to work well, … Continue reading ISP download speeds..

The first job of 2016..

.. has been on my own production machine. Having blown out any dust bunnies, I relocated an internal fan to get better cooling across the hard drives, added a third hard drive, and then closed it back up. That’s it.. not very exciting really. Everything else is fine for the most part. OK, as you were.. 🙂 The second job that I will endeavour to line up is an aging and possibly defunct HP laptop. I don’t knowe quite how bad it is yet, but hope to find out in the next few days.