Windows 10.. still ok?

Privacy fears still prevail, mostly unfounded, and there are still computers which should NEVER be upgraded to Windows 10, but overall I think that it is a winner. When I first upgraded, I had issues which had to be sorted and I did at one point consider reverting back to Windows 8.1. Three years into it, and it was a very good stable platform which, as long as one avoided the tiles, worked very well. Windows 10 has sorted out a lot faster, even some of the tiles, and I like it. You would too as long as it is … Continue reading Windows 10.. still ok?

Addiction to technology

An interesting article.. I am a Facebook user, but not on it that much. I don’t use it for business because I don’t like the ‘pay for clicks’ model. Other than the above, I use a computer to help others, and to read stuff, tech, news, whatever because I can increase the size of the text to make reading easier. How about you?

Coffee house connections.. Updated

So, I am in my local coffee house and I kick up my smartphone with a view to getting into Facebook, but I get a message that Google ca will not allow it. What is it with this stuff? We are in an age where one should be able to connect with anybody anywhere. Isn’t that the point of it all? Facebook has an app for Android which should allow access anywhere, and I have installed it, but what if the function you want doesn’t have an app? Privacy can be taken too far. If somebody was to steal my ID, … Continue reading Coffee house connections.. Updated