Coffee house connections.. Updated

So, I am in my local coffee house and I kick up my smartphone with a view to getting into Facebook, but I get a message that Google ca will not allow it. What is it with this stuff? We are in an age where one should be able to connect with anybody anywhere. Isn’t that the point of it all?

Facebook has an app for Android which should allow access anywhere, and I have installed it, but what if the function you want doesn’t have an app?

Privacy can be taken too far. If somebody was to steal my ID, they would be in all kinds of trouble and would most likely give it back to me, maybe even enclosing $5 for luck. This is the situation that many are in, but privacy fears continue un-abated..


The Update:

OK.. so the smartphone works, Facebook works in other locations without issue. The problem seems to be with the Tim Hortons location that I use. The wireless protocols in that location and other Tim Hortons does not want to play ball and I may stop using them.

Trying to contact Tim Hortons about it is not easy. You get a 1-866 number and that’s it, The website sucks big time, email contact being like trying to contact little green men on Mars.

If McDonalds and Williams Fresh Café can provide a decent working environment, Canada’s largest and most famous coffee house should be able to do it too..


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