The backdoor..

There has been much talk about backdoors recently, notable the Apple vs FBI issue. Do you agree with Apple or the FBI? I am undecided.

The ‘backdoors’ in Windows 10 are actually side doors and not completely out of view. We have all been made acutely aware of their existence and we have the option to turn them off of down aways. Microsoft is able to determine usage and formulate improvements from the data collected, and that is not a bad thing, what we always wanted.

Does Microsoft read what we type in the various apps? Doubtful at best as there would be no mileage in doing so, but the FBI and other security organisations want to be able to do that with the least effort and without the user being aware if at all possible. That is plain sneaky and would remove any and all rights to any kind of privacy.

The trouble with backdooors is that access through them can quickly become public knowledge, something that nobody wants.

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