Email origination

We get email from all sorts, some people who we do not know very well or maybe not at all. It’s very easy to buy goods and services online or even just connect with somebody, but how do we know that they are who they say they are. We don’t, but there is a way of finding out to some degree. Email headers: What we generally see at the top of an email is the sender, recipient and subject if it is filled in. The location of the sender is not shown, but it is there if we care to … Continue reading Email origination

Most used browsers..

According to reports, Google Chrome is way ahead, followed by Safari and IE/Edge. No real surprise there being as how ALL Android tablets and smartphones default to Chrome. Likewise, iPads ands iPhones default to Safari. It was no different in the old days before the proliferation of portable devices, where all Windows machines defaulted to IE. It means nothing other than showing the shift from desk-based computing to being on the move. Computers users have always settled for defaults because they didn’t/don’t know how to get anything else. Personally, I use Firefox on my Smartphone. It just works better than … Continue reading Most used browsers..

Two recurring problems that I have seen in forums..

The Windows 10 Start menu.. I must be honest. I don’t have a problem with it because I hardly ever use it. Start10 and Classic Shell give me the start menu that I like best while still giving me the option to use the default menu if I wish. I have yet to see either classic menu fail. Use one or the other, btw.. 🙂 Start10 Classic Shell PDF handling.. Windows 10 has it’s own cute way of dealing with and offering help regarding PDFs, but again the older ways win out best. I install and have installed Foxit Reader over … Continue reading Two recurring problems that I have seen in forums..