Email origination

We get email from all sorts, some people who we do not know very well or maybe not at all.

It’s very easy to buy goods and services online or even just connect with somebody, but how do we know that they are who they say they are. We don’t, but there is a way of finding out to some degree.

Email headers:

What we generally see at the top of an email is the sender, recipient and subject if it is filled in. The location of the sender is not shown, but it is there if we care to look. How to find out the whole header info..

An example:

If I send an email from my Hotmail or Outlook dot com account to one of my ISP accounts, the header shows the original location of the sender coming from the USA west coast Microsoft servers, not exactly surprising as I live in North America.

Friends and family who send me mail from their Hotmail and/or Outlook accounts originate on Australian or UK servers, again not surprising.

OK, so you have email from somebody who claims to be somewhere in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, it makes no difference, and you want to check that the claim is correct.

  1. Check out the header using the first link that I gave. It will show the originating IP address, but may take some finding as there is a lot of gobbledygook in headers.
  2. Next, look up the IP address here..

So, if the goods and/or services vendor or person is where they claim to be, the IP address lookup should show roughly that they are indeed where they claim to be.


I have, I think, recently been scammed because I failed to run the check above. Personally, I think that the default email header should show the location of the sender to at least the continent from which the email originates, and it should be shown clearly. Instead, it doesn’t, and more often than not, the only option is to show even less.. 🙁

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