Windows 10 isn’t entirely free? Zut alors..

This is terrible news. Look see..

Those mean ‘Softies’ want to promote games and stuff for which we will be charged MONEY. Wahhhhhh. They even want MOMEY for making Solitaire a better game.

Is it not bad enough that I am being asked to pay $2.99 per month to remove the header ad from my Protopage home page. Whether t’is nobler to pay up and look happy or just hit the ‘x’ is NOT open to question at all. I hit the ‘x’.

Monetize, monetize, monetize is all I have been seeing for a considerable while, for blogs, webpages, and crappy Android apps. Microsoft has been quite slow coming into the game, just as it was when the Internet started, and is no worse than any of the original game players.

Before I pay out, an app has got to be pretty darn good, but 99% of them don’t get close. Having said that, I run Windows 10 on all of my PCs and Android on my annoyingly slow smartphone, avoiding the temptation to pay for ANY junk. Start10 for Windows 10 and Aquamail for Android are the only two apps for which I have paid anything, and I get along very well.

So, enough of this ‘Windows 10 isn’t free’ jive.

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