Refresh Windows..

It’s a new ‘program’ coming in the July update..


I wonder how much use this will be to the average Windows user.

Option #1… lose everything but files

Option #2… lose everything

Isn’t this what has been happening with the Windows 10 forced upgrades? And Microsoft wants the end user to deliberately pick one of these options? And in a bid to do what exactly?

After Windows 98, the need to refresh the OS at regular intervals faded away, XP being able to keep itself on track and running. I told people this and, for many, it worked well.

That was then, this is now.

I have users having to cope with NO ACCESS to online e-books purchased because the latest version of the program doesn’t allow it on a clean installation. They have to RE-BUY the books. This is what I am told by users who have contacted the e-readers program authors.

If I were to use refresh, I would have to completely re-install MS Office, and a few other utilities, but WHY? It takes forever to do it, and it is 2016, not 2001.

I know what is going to happen. End users will use the new feature, believing that saving files is enough, but it won’t be.

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