A general update..

I haven’t been very active here recently, or in the  Microsoft forums. I don’t feel any excitement anymore and have had enough of people whinging about Windows 10.

To some degree, my lack of interest is as much down to health issues as anything, with me re-assessing priorities after having recovered from one cancer to then be told that I have another.  It never ends, just like the Windows 10 haters don’t seem to be able to give it up.

Windows 10 breathed new life into my little Toshiba netbook, and for that  am eternally grateful. It received a new battery recently, one of the large capacity type, and will now keep going for over three hours on battery alone. I haven’t kicked up my large desktop machine in almost three months because I don’t need it anymore.

As slow as the Toshiba is, and it is for sure, between it and my Motorola G4+ smartphone, I get all that I want done in a day. All of my email accounts are piped through to the phone via Aquamail, and I can get to them anywhere, subject to having a Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t get any easier. No more sitting at a desk hour after hour, trying to help computer users, updating web pages, playing games to  pass the time.

So, that’s about it for now. If anything of interest comes up, I will no doubt have something to say, and will say it. A for instance, Android Nougat will make an appearance on my phone towards the end of the year. Can’t wait (sigh).


Stay safe and have a great day…

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