Classic Shell gets a reprieve.. and other stuff

This is good to see. After a major update, Windows 10 no longer kicks CS to the kerb, choosing instead to reconfigure it instead.  Thank you for listening..

One of my other major gripes is the proliferation of ads on websites. This is NOT going to get any better, can only get worse. There are now some places on the Internet to which I NEVER go. I flatly refuse to wait seemingly forever while all of the crap loads into a page, and a lot of it is just that… CRAP.

In marketing, if one gets three positive responses for every hundred tries, that apparently is a good thing. Not on the Internet it isn’t, and certainly not in my eyes. Please go away, and when I have bought stuff on the Internet, do not hound me for months after with more ads for the same thing. One child car seat was enough, thank you very much.

Have a great day…

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