The age of the favourites bar…

Remember Internet Explorer 6? I do. It was the browser which defaulted to a favourites bar that was never much use as I could see, but we kept it anyway.

When Internet Explorer 7 appeared, it was more minimalist than an empty white room, and I hated it, re-instating ‘6’ very quickly. After a couple of days, I scolded myself for being stupid, and installed ‘7’ again, but with no favourites bar showing.

I adopted Netvibes as my start page, filling it all up with junk for the most part. Well, you never know, do you, and junk has its place. Then Pageflakes appeared and I really went overboard. It was way more complex than the IE7’s Favourites column, but easier to manage. As before, I rarely visited very much of it, and now of course, the time of the Ajax home page is coming t an end, has ended for me.

Edge now sports a neat Favourites bar, eleven items only, and its all good. Cortana will tell you how to get it.

Over the years, I have been gradually simplifying my computing experience, and it now stands at a neat bar, and an Android smartphone which I had clearly stated that I would NEVER adopt.

Away from the constant pressure of daily support in Forums, and the adoption of simple ways, my life in front of a computer is far more rewarding than it has been in a long time. Maybe you should try it too…

Have  great day… (-:

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