Upgrading to Windows 10..

Microsoft have allowed for free upgrades from Windows 8 and Windows 7, so why not Vista and XP? Windows 7 didn’t become public until 22 October, 2009. Computers on sale in stores after this date were of varying quality, some not too good running Vista with full driver support, let alone Windows 7. Personally, I wouldn’t upgrade a computer of mine unless it was at least a late 2010 release because of patchy to non-existant hardware driver support XP machines are almost in a different galaxy. As good as some were in their day, without full driver support, one has the … Continue reading Upgrading to Windows 10..

The game has changed..

One of the complaints raised about PCs is when the user is made responsible for finding latest hardware drivers (or made responsible for anything  :-)). The vast majority of PC users are NOT in the least ‘technical’, and I understand the problem, but… … the OEM (major manufacturer) machines are already supplied with appropriate drivers and in all honesty, there is little to be gained installing latest drivers UNLESS you have an issue that is specifically addressed in the latest driver incarnation. Windows Update has tried to be useful for a long time, offering hardware updates alongside security and feature … Continue reading The game has changed..

It worked in Windows 7..

.. so why doesn’t it work in Windows 10? The reference could be for any device, internal or external. The consensus among some is that Microsoft is in cahoots with computer manufacturers where the ‘game’ is to make the consumer pay up for new stuff when there is actually no need. I came across one user who honestly believed that Microsoft should put Windows 7 drivers into Windows 10 because they worked in Windows 7. He seems to completely miss the point that it was a ‘Windows 7 driver’ specifically written to enable the hardware device to work in Windows … Continue reading It worked in Windows 7..

A fix for Realtek sound?

I must admit to not believing that Microsoft were responsible for this, but obviously they were. In the official Windows 10 blog, there is a mention of Insider build 10547, and one of the fixes is.. We have fixed several issues with audio – including issues specific affecting Realtek audio devices. What is not mentioned are any of the specific issues, but I am hoping that lack of volume is in the list.. 🙂 I wonder how long they will take to filter through? My Toshiba is not running an insider preview anymore, so I have no idea if the … Continue reading A fix for Realtek sound?

Low volume/sound..

Not sure who to blame for this one. Since installing Windows 10, sound volume has not been particularly good but not bad enough to revert back to Windows 8.1. Apart from YouTube videos, I don’t listen to much and some videos have captions anyway, but it is annoying. So, all obvious volume controls are set to MAX, except for one that is NOT obvious. If you go into Control Panel > Sound and right click on the device outputting the sound, and then click on the Playback tab, you will notice that volume is set for 67%. I pushed mine … Continue reading Low volume/sound..

The upgrade fails when..

.. it encounters foreign stuff and malware. This is no reference to different languages or anything like that. I am talking about old junk, programming, updates produced by companies who would rather not put any effort into general support, preferring instead to blame Microsoft. It happens a lot, you know.. 🙂 The process of upgrading an OS is major stuff, more than just transplanting version names. Third party anti-virus, hardware drivers specific to the older OS, older programs barely compatible with Windows 95, all take their toll. Decisions, decisions.. So, before starting the upgrade, there are one or two decisions … Continue reading The upgrade fails when..

It worked before the Upgrade.. #2

Internal hardware devices.. These are selected by the motherboard manufacturer, but I am not sure what criteria are used in the selection process.  Sometimes, some devices appear to be made by fairly obscure manufacturers who don’t support their own devices particularly well. Every device on the motherboard requires a driver to make it work, and one can safely assume that when first purchased with the original operating system, the computer will work as well as it can. When you buy a new computer, everything will have been put in place for it to be registered in your own name, all drivers in … Continue reading It worked before the Upgrade.. #2

My main PC is now Windows 10.. Updated

Now there are three Windows 10 PCs running here. This one was the big worry, a lot installed and the mainstay of my local business and community support efforts. It would take a good while to put it all back, but keeping the machines here squeaky clean pays off with no errors during the upgrades. I don’t install junk or let others do it, and I don’t mess with the system files. If you want a PC to be reliable, keep it simple and don’t mess with the system. Just one more to go at some point tomorrow.. fingers crossed … Continue reading My main PC is now Windows 10.. Updated