Low volume/sound..

Not sure who to blame for this one. Since installing Windows 10, sound volume has not been particularly good but not bad enough to revert back to Windows 8.1. Apart from YouTube videos, I don’t listen to much and some videos have captions anyway, but it is annoying. So, all obvious volume controls are set to MAX, except for one that is NOT obvious. If you go into Control Panel > Sound and right click on the device outputting the sound, and then click on the Playback tab, you will notice that volume is set for 67%. I pushed mine … Continue reading Low volume/sound..

Optical or Laser? That is the question..

I am going to keep this short and free from claims that a laser mouse is a trillion times faster and more accurate than a boring old cheap optical mouse. The main difference for almost all of us is the kind of surface on which the mouse will be used. Laser mice and Microsoft’s Blu-track range will work on 99% of surfaces, including carpet according to Microsoft, and even clear glass, BUT.. An optical mouse is as fussy as a mouse can get, and should you get a cheap mouse mat or a $$$ gaming mouse mat because control can … Continue reading Optical or Laser? That is the question..