Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

The best part is that I don’t use Homegroups but, it’s nice to have everything working the way it is supposed to work. How I did it: The first step is quite drastic, and requires a complete fresh re-install on the machine where the Homegroup was originally created. This has to be done to eliminate as much as is possible of the old one. Next, go to Homegroups and you will see a message about the old one but there should also be an option to create a new Homegroup. This is what I did, getting a new password along … Continue reading Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

Windows 10 issues.. Resolutions

Issue #1 I found settings which finally stop some info appearing on the lock screen, but they are all over the place (feels like it anyway). Look in System and Personalization for anything where Windows 10 displays info and KNOCK it out. Then, as stuff doesn’t appear that you actually want, go back into Settings and try to put back only what you want to see. Issue #2 Windows 10 Mail recognises that I have a Brother MFC-J470DW printer, and I know this because it shows up in the print window. Pressing ‘print’ puts a printer icon up in the notification … Continue reading Windows 10 issues.. Resolutions

Windows 10 annoyances.. (Updated)

The Mail app.. There appears to be no way to remove an account, and no way to bulk delete email that is no longer relevant. If there is a way to do either, I apologise for not looking more into it. If there is no way to do either, please place developers who know something about the older email clients in charge, because the current bunch appear to be partly clueless.. The Lock Screen.. I like the lock screen but for a couple of issues. Issue #1.. On my desktop, time shows as 24hr, but on the smaller screened Netbook, … Continue reading Windows 10 annoyances.. (Updated)

Have you ever heard of..

.. AUDIT MODE? I must admit that I hadn’t, haven’t.. 🙁 Anyway, something called ‘Audit mode’ in Windows 7 has been stopping Windows 10 from installing. So, this is how to eliminate Audit Mode. To turn OFF the Audit Mode in the Windows 7, follow the steps : Go to the Start -> Run. Type “regedit” and press the Enter. Find and press right-click on the related registry key’s for your an operating system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\State Select Modify. Remove the value and Press the OK button. Re-boot your computer system for the changes to take an effect. Did the registry edit work? No, … Continue reading Have you ever heard of..

Windows Start Menu ads..

You can see this feature off when it appears on your computer. At the moment, I think that it only appears in build 10565, so you are safe for now. How to turn the ads off is explained here. Personally, I hate ads, fliers, all of the crap that is distributed in a bid to make me buy. I will research stuff and buy when I want to buy and NOT BEFORE. No amount of coercing will get me to buy anything that I don’t want or didn’t know that I didn’t want. I like to see what I am buying too, … Continue reading Windows Start Menu ads..

No need to re-install.. :-) Bad, Bad, Bad all fixed..

I made two discoveries today, one thanks to a Microsoft Engineer, and one all by myself.. #1.. Tablet mode can play some seriously unfunny tricks on a desktop, and if you don’t know how to turn it off, having never turned it ON in the first place, it is one of the most unfunny things I have ever come across.. #2.. The text problem in Protopage was easily solved by changing text size back to 11. I didn’t know that the text size could be changed and I have been using it for years.. So, it has been a day … Continue reading No need to re-install.. 🙂 Bad, Bad, Bad all fixed..

Windows 10 privacy.. Updated

There has been a lot of talk about this, so Microsoft have released a fairly comprehensive website covering all aspects.. see here.. The way I see it for the most part.. if you want privacy, an Internet connected computer is NOT the place for you, and never really has been.. 🙂 The Update: I don’t personally believe that Microsoft is spying, and neither does Ed Bott. Please read this article, and then throw away the tinfoil hats once and for all..

Upgrading to Windows 10..

So far, I have to admit that it has been a painless experience for me and others I know. The process doesn’t take too long, and what you get is what you saw on your screen before the update, but sitting on a better operating system. Admittedly there is a small learning curve, examples being the ‘Settings’ box:  click on the Logo and then select Settings and how to get to the old Control Panel: right click on the Logo and select Control Panel or any of the other entries in the list but for average home users, it will be business as … Continue reading Upgrading to Windows 10..

It worked before the Upgrade.. #1

Sleep/Hibernation A computer will only sleep or hibernate if it is allowed to do so, and the biggest single cause of not being allowed is this. For reasons only known to Windows and Microsoft, the default setting for ‘Wake on LAN’ and ‘Power Management’ is ON. So, as soon as the computer detects the passage of data through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Windows springs into life. It’s like the scenario where a smartphone rings and everybody within earshot grabs their own phone.. 🙂 How to fix it.. OK, ready? Control Panel > Network and Sharing > Change Adapter Settings. Now right click on the … Continue reading It worked before the Upgrade.. #1