OneDrive not free or cheap?

When SkyDrive first appeared, I was offered 5Gb of storage FREE. Not too long after, I was offered 25Gb storage free if I signed up. So I signed up and now I have 25gb of cloud storage that I am unlikely to ever use even if it is/was free. Then, like a bolt from the blue, and apparently late one evening.. “The year-old promise of “unlimited storage” for every Office 365 Personal, Home, and University subscriber is null and void.” The above deserves an ‘OUCH’ from those who like clouds and those who have to use them because they only … Continue reading OneDrive not free or cheap?

Have you ever heard of..

.. AUDIT MODE? I must admit that I hadn’t, haven’t.. šŸ™ Anyway, something called ‘Audit mode’ in Windows 7 has been stopping Windows 10 from installing. So, this is how to eliminate Audit Mode. To turn OFF the Audit Mode in the Windows 7, follow theĀ steps : Go to the Start -> Run. Type “regedit” and press the Enter. Find and press right-click on the related registry key’s for your an operating system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\State Select Modify. Remove the value and Press the OK button. Re-boot your computer system for the changes to take an effect. DidĀ the registry edit work? No, … Continue reading Have you ever heard of..

A clean install..

The Toshiba netbook has received a clean install of Windows 10. Having nothing better to do and a smallĀ issue with the Maps app, I set about creatingĀ USB media using theĀ Media Creation Tool, and that completed without incident. Next, I booted from the USB drive and followed onscreen instructions. Some two hours later, I have a working netbook and Map app. It doesn’t get any better but it could get worse if I find something that previously worked but no longer does. So far, that has not happened. Windows Live Mail is up and running, as is Libre Office 5.02,Ā the printer … Continue reading A clean install..

32-bit.. there is nothing wrong with it..

“and if Microsoft knows that this new OS performs better on a 64 bit, they should not have promoted the 32 bit or at lease tell everyone if you do not have modern processors, expect poor performance…” I have quoted from a post in the MS Community, but I will not disclose the original author because he is wrong.. OK.. Question.. My Toshiba Netbook is fitted with a 64-bit compatible CPU, so why don’t I run Windows 10 in 64-bit form? Answer.. The Toshiba Netbook’s motherboard had total RAM limitations of 2Gb which is NOT ENOUGH to maintain a 64-bit … Continue reading 32-bit.. there is nothing wrong with it..