Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

The best part is that I don’t use Homegroups but, it’s nice to have everything working the way it is supposed to work. How I did it: The first step is quite drastic, and requires a complete fresh re-install on the machine where the Homegroup was originally created. This has to be done to eliminate as much as is possible of the old one. Next, go to Homegroups and you will see a message about the old one but there should also be an option to create a new Homegroup. This is what I did, getting a new password along … Continue reading Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

A couple of projects..

Project #1.. a Compaq Presario M2305NR These started to get reviews around December of 2005 which puts the machine firmly in the XP era. Weighing in at 6.5lbs, it was regarded as eminently portable, and it was well built, a real brick. Equipment includes a built-in fax/modem, 24x CD-RW, and WPA2 G wireless capability. That was then, and this is now.. It is all 32-bit and is kitted out with a stunning 512mb RAM and a PATA 60Gb hard drive which is on its way out. I don’t like running XP as it is severely out of date, so I decided to … Continue reading A couple of projects..

My website came this close to being dumped.. Updated

.. but it has had a short reprieve. The problem was basically  ‘I can get to it but can’t update it’ , and it came out of the blue. I tried a different FTP client, but that didn’t work. The end was looking to be very close. After it was suggested that maybe the firewall was to blame, I took a peek at the ‘allowed’ list, and FileZilla wasn’t a part of it. Strangley, SmartFTP, the alternative I tried, was. Anyway, I added FileZilla to the list, and Hey Presto, I updated the website. Unfortunately, my website is worth very little and certainly … Continue reading My website came this close to being dumped.. Updated

Windows hardware drivers..

Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you, ****? In the 1511 update, the one that Microsoft pulled recently, the dialogue box is slightly different if you want to stop hardware drivers being installed via Windows Update.. Note that I have opted for the route that is NOT recommended, and have had to do this since the update because the update defaults this setting to the one recommended by Microsoft. C’mon you guys. You must know by now that hardware updates have never been one of Windows Update’s strengths. Quit it before you lose out BIG time.. 🙂

Problems, problems, problems..

.. no, not challenges. These are problems created by others and beyond any control by me other than IGNORING them. Problem #1.. no 1511 update.. I don’t have it, have not been offered it, and don’t want to re-install Windows 10 just to get it. Will I be offered it eventually? You think that I should know that? Nobody tells me anything. There are instances where you will definitely not get it unless you make changes, see the Ghacks newsletter. Needless to say, I don’t fall into any of the three categories. 🙂 Problem #2.. A phone unlocker utility doesn’t … Continue reading Problems, problems, problems..

I know better.. Updated already!!!

than to use ANYTHING from Windows Store. I cut my teeth on the Windows 8 version and quickly discovered that the best way to peace was never to go there. I was hoping that Windows 10 may have gotten over some of the problems at least, BUT IT HASN’T.. Surprize #1.. been like this for days Surprize #2.. Oops, no fix today, Mum.. Windows Update has been looking for updates for over half an hour now, having already told me that there are some but I can’t have them.. 🙂 I have looked everywhere for a fix that DOESN”T involve … Continue reading I know better.. Updated already!!!

FixWin for Windows 10

I haven’t used this utility because I don’t have any problems. Having said that, there are a good few of you who do, and looking through forums and/or describing your problem such that it is understandable is not always easy. Enter FixWin. It isn’t exactly new, having been around in the Windows 7 era, but this version does have specific Windows 10 stuff included in it. Would I trust it? Yes, probably. I doubt that it can do any more harm than some fixes I have seen offered to the poor old consumers.. 🙂 The secret with the FixWin website … Continue reading FixWin for Windows 10

Tablet Mode..

is a full screen Start mode which is very annoying if you have never used it before and it decides to set itself up as default while you are not looking. Ok, so you have the scourge called Tablet Mode and you want to see it OFF. It’s easy to tell if you have it. Windows which once resized and minimized no longer do.. 🙁 You need to go to the Notification icon at  top right, click on it, and navigate to these at the base of the window.. Can you see it? It is first in line and all … Continue reading Tablet Mode..

No need to re-install.. :-) Bad, Bad, Bad all fixed..

I made two discoveries today, one thanks to a Microsoft Engineer, and one all by myself.. #1.. Tablet mode can play some seriously unfunny tricks on a desktop, and if you don’t know how to turn it off, having never turned it ON in the first place, it is one of the most unfunny things I have ever come across.. #2.. The text problem in Protopage was easily solved by changing text size back to 11. I didn’t know that the text size could be changed and I have been using it for years.. So, it has been a day … Continue reading No need to re-install.. 🙂 Bad, Bad, Bad all fixed..

Getting worse.. :-)

It’s about time I re-installed, methinks. The desktop screen font changed and sent Protopage, my start pages, into spasm, and I still haven’t found the stuff that used to sit on the desktop. All I have to do is to save my pst folders and I am good to go, but will it fix all of the anomalies which appeared just two days ago? That I don’t know but it will have been a lot of work for nothing if it doesn’t..