Low volume/sound..

Not sure who to blame for this one. Since installing Windows 10, sound volume has not been particularly good but not bad enough to revert back to Windows 8.1. Apart from YouTube videos, I don’t listen to much and some videos have captions anyway, but it is annoying. So, all obvious volume controls are set to MAX, except for one that is NOT obvious. If you go into Control Panel > Sound and right click on the device outputting the sound, and then click on the Playback tab, you will notice that volume is set for 67%. I pushed mine … Continue reading Low volume/sound..

The ‘bugs’ are local..

This is an assumption that I guess many have made.. I received the notification that Windows 10 was ready for me to download, so I assumed all the bugs had been worked out.  Microsoft do the best to eradicate bugs, and in the case of Windows 10 had multiple builds slowly building up to  a more or less finished product, as finished as it ever could be on July 29th of this year. So, that was the score and Microsoft started to pipe Windows 10 out as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1 users. Now, had all users left … Continue reading The ‘bugs’ are local..

Windows 10 – increased fan activity..

Windows 10 does not natively contain software which can control fans. So, if you have a fan which is racing, Windows 10 will not be aware. If the computer feels the need to run the fan continuously, it is because there is a process, or maybe more than one, continually running in the background Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) will give a basic idea of what is causing the issue, but the best is ‘Process Explorer’ It looks complex but shouldn’t be too bad, and is a far better option than reverting to Windows 7. There have been instances … Continue reading Windows 10 – increased fan activity..